Leon Basin - SX Skates

I recently received a demo pair of the new SX skates from Seba and I have been enjoying them very much. Thanks to Danny Beer for making this video and thanks to Seba for making amazing skates. The skate will be available at Shop-Task before Christmas, so start saving, they are expensive :)

January 04, 2014 — Brian Long
Tags: Skating Videos

Taylor Ritchie

Shop Task's own Taylor Ritchie just put together this really fun edit of some of his skating that was captured this summer. Taylor has always had a great eye for finding street spots. His unique perspective on skating and the skills to back up his ideas makes every session with him interesting. Your never quite sure what tricks Taylor will have up his sleeves, his mastery of cess slides, illusion spins and everything in between makes him stand out from your run of the mill skater

November 02, 2013 — Brian Long
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