Shop Task's own Taylor Ritchie just put together this really fun edit of some of his skating that was captured this summer. Taylor has always had a great eye for finding street spots. His unique perspective on skating and the skills to back up his ideas makes every session with him interesting. Your never quite sure what tricks Taylor will have up his sleeves, his mastery of cess slides, illusion spins and everything in between makes him stand out from your run of the mill skater

This summer Taylor kept it relatively local when it came to putting his section together. By finding the best aspects of his own neighbourhood for street skating he was able to put a together a section filled with the right tricks on the all the right spots. This isn't your typical ledge edit, instead it is an example of what creativity and hard work bring to the table when it comes to filming a section. That, and how to skate Razors skates like a boss.

I Hope You Like Makios...



November 02, 2013 — Brian Long
Tags: Skating Videos