Using The New Site

Thanks for visit our new site. Our online store is up and running now with the first batch of products, and I'll be continuing to add more products on a regular basis. I'd like to point out a few things about our site that should help you find what your looking for a little easier.

January 04, 2014 — Brian Long
Tags: Shop Updates


Welcome to our new website. The plan was to relaunch it at the begining of November but instead of making you wait till it is completely finished, I thought I'd let everyone see it as we are putting it together. Our hope, through this new site, is to bring you a shopping experience that is friendly, educational, and easy.

Over the past few years, Shop Task has changed and grown alot. Those who have been around since the beginning will remember buying skates off Leon from the back of his station wagon...

November 02, 2013 — Brian Long
Tags: Shop Updates