Seba Trix 2

$329.00 USD

The TRIX 2 is very fast, responsive and durable. The Trix 2 provide good support, a close fit, and great energy transfer. They come equipped with single axle metal frames and quality wheels and bearings. Recommended for beginner to advanced skaters seeking a high level of precision and control for city skating or slalom skating.

The X2R Rockerable frame is perfect for those interested in learning spins and other advanced maneuvers. Special axles in the toe and heel wheels allow the frame to be used with the wheels in flat or rockered positions, depending if you need extra stability or want more maneuverability.

Heel Brake Available for purchase HERE


SHELL  Molded Plastic Shell, Triangle Cuff
CLOSURE Ratchet Midstrap, Velcro Toe and Top Strap
LINER Seba Integrated Liner
FRAME X2R Rockerable extruded aluminum frame, 243mm length, 80mm max wheel size,  laterally adjustable (mount spacing 165mm)
WHEELS 80mm / 85A Street King Wheels