Konixx Pure-X Wheel

$13.99 USD


The Konixx Pure-X Wheel is now available in 80mm and 76mm in 3 hardnesses; 0, +1 and +2.

An already great wheel has been upgraded. Word on the street is suggesting this wheel is even grippier and stiffer than the previous model for more speed and performance!

We can't wait, the Konixx Pure was the best indoor wheel of the last few years, we have high hopes for the Pure-X!

Everything you love about the Pure... improved. The Pure-X and it's U-base4™ formula takes the unparalleled grip Pure users have come to trust and makes it grippier. With a stiffer feel and a longer optimum performance period, the Pure-X is everything you'd expect the next generation of Pure's would be!


  • Dual pour construction - Poured with the new Konixx Base-4™ formula
  • Performance boosted with Konixx Trac-tech-X™, Infini-tech-X™, & Veloci-tech-X™ additives
  • Offered in: +0, +1, and +2 stiffnesses 
  • Available in 76mm and 80mm only


Stiffness Guide:

For Dual Pour* wheels with the Konixx “+” rating we suggest the following based on body weight, skating style, and surface skated on:

+0 Dual Pour
Tile Surfaces
Beginner Skater up to 180lbs
Intermediate to advanced Skater up to 170lbs


+1 Dual Pour
Tile Surfaces
Beginner Skater 180 to 195lbs
Intermediate Skater 175 to 190lbs
Advanced Skater 170 to 185lbs
+2 Dual Pour
Tile Surfaces
Beginner Skater 195 to 230lbs**
Intermediate Skater 190 to 230lbs**
Advanced Skater 170 to 230lbs**


* The unique properties of a Dual Pour wheel require more specific stiffness limitations. As a result, in the Pure we offer three + ratings catering to higher body weights and more aggressive skating styles. The above guidelines for body weights are just that, guidelines. If you find yourself between two stiffness ratings I body weight, we suggest the softer of the two options for beginner to intermediate skaters and the stiffer of the two for advanced skaters.

**If you are over 230 lbs we cannot warranty the Pure wheel against breakage.  If you are, we recommend one of our single pour wheels such as the Electron or Catalyst.  Any purchases outside of the recommended stiffness’s above may result in voiding your warranty.