CTC Strong V2 ABS Blade

$25.00 USD

The NEW CTC Strong V2 ABS Blade will fit standard Senior shafts. The blade is still available in 3 curves, Scholcz, Straker and Bao. We made some changes on this batch based on feedback we received.

The Strong still uses a full black ABS Core - we went from a dual-reinforced forehand and backhand to single-reinforced. Dropping the 2 layers to make the blade a little bit lighter and thinner for a better feel and more control. Another consideration was less layers, less glue, less places for anything to go wrong or come apart. One side effect with less reinforcement is the blade loses some stiffness and lifespan compared to the previous model.

We also cut the blade shorter in the neck by 3/4" for a couple reasons. It will drop a bit more weight to feel less blade-heavy, and by shortening the neck, we believe that area will be stronger. That can be a spot prone to breakage.

We believe these changes will make the blades more enjoyable to play with. Let us know how they work out for you!

This blade is aimed for hockey with a ball on rough to smooth outdoor surfaces. Usage with Pucks/Biscuits is OK but usually won't last as long, depending on your 'style of play'.

Available in 3 curves.

  • Scholcz (P92) BLUE
  • Straker (P88) WHITE
  • Bao (PM9) BLACK


Weight: ~196g


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