Green Biscuit Roller Hockey Puck

$13.00 USD

Green Biscuit Roller Hockey Puck is a new Indoor puck that utilizes the Green Biscuit technology for a puck that slides fast, lays flat and is easy to control on smooth surfaces.

6 hard Green Pegs outline a black puck with two discs held together by Green Biscuits patented dampening system. We have had a lot of fun passing this around in the shop.



  • Colours: Black, Orange, Green
  • Less bouncing and lays flatter on passes
  • Can handle shots and game action
  • Recommended for indoor or smooth surfaces*


Pro Tip:

*This puck works well outside too. Smoother the better at the start, but when the pegs wear out it seems to slide even better on rougher surfaces. Great puck for a variety of places and you can shoot the heck out of it!