FR Skates FRX 310 Orange

$229.00 USD

The FRX 310 are perfect to enter in the new FReeride on 3 wheels trend. The X2 310 frames offer great comfort, while the 110mm Street Kings wheels will make you feel like the King of the Streets! This skate is comfortable and solid for a great quality vs price value. The FRX is the best skate to start or to level up in all skating styles. Recommended for beginners or intermediate skaters seeking good performance at an affordable price.

Optional Heel Brake Available HERE


SHELL  Solid plastic Free Ride Shell*
CLOSURE Adjustable cuff buckle, Velcro instep strap
LINER Custom Free Ride Liner 
FRAME X2 310 extruded aluminum frame, 232mm length, 110mm max wheel size,  laterally adjustable (mount spacing 165mm)
WHEELS 110mm / 88A Street King Wheels

*FR Shell Size Ranges: 34, 35-37, 38-39, 40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-47

Shells are identical for each of the sizes in each range listed, size is adjusted by liner and insole.

Heel brake not included.