FR Skates FRW 80 Black Pink

$209.00 USD

The FRW 80 is the perfect skate to combine FReeride and FReestyle skating in only one model. Thanks to their X2R rockerable frames, you just need to turn the axles to get more maneuverability to practice FReestyle slalom or more stability for enjoy FReeride. The FRW is the best skate to start or to level up in all skating styles. Recommended for beginners or intermediate skaters seeking good performance at an affordable price.


SHELL  Solid plastic Free Ride Shell*
CLOSURE Velcro Midstrap, Ladder Top Strap. Puffy Laces
LINER Free Ride Liner 
FRAME X2R Rockerable extruded aluminum frame, 243mm length, 80mm max wheel size,  laterally adjustable (mount spacing 165mm)
WHEELS 80mm / 85A Street King Wheels

 *FR Shell Size Ranges: 34, 35-37, 38-39, 40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-47

Shells are identical for each of the sizes in each range listed, size is adjusted by liner and insole.