The wait is over, your favourite group of East Coast Canadian By's have put together an amazing collection of skating that is not only diverse in style but also beautiful in its' cinematography. 

I seriously cannot wait for this video, after seeing Danny Beer's  it was obvious that this video would be filled with humour, great skating and a beautiful Canadian backdrop. Times are changing and it seems that Canadians, especially the Fish 'n' Clips crew, are embracing skating in a variety of ways that are not all necessarily possible on a traditional aggressive setup. The diversity in this video should be amazing and we already know the editing is going to be on point.

With winter slowly wrapping up this video will definitely be a nice change of pace and should give us all something to look forward to. Skating, Filming, Good Friends and Canada. What more could you ask for?

Fish and Clips Available on Vimeo 23/02/14.

March 06, 2014 — Brian Long