Our Family

Leon Basin
Vancouver, BC

Brian Long
Seattle, WA

Erik Burrow
Toronto, ON

Shaun Unwin
Calgary, AB

Our Story

Shop Task started in the back of a station wagon specializing in aggressive skates.  As the shop matured, a website and online store were created to provide service to customers beyond the skatepark parking lot.  With time, Shop Task has continued to build momentum, one storefront has quickly evolved into a network of stores throughout North America with online stores specific to both the US and Canada.

Our stores are run by a group of experienced skaters.  For the most part we come from an aggressive background, but over the years we all have developed an increased understanding and appreciation for other styles of skating.  Each of our employees experiences' with skating are unique and so is the knowledge they share.

More often than not our customers are our friends.  If there is one thing we are passionate about it is skating, and who better to share it with than other enthusiasts.  Within each city we have made ourselves available to the skating community.  Our goal with each store is to help develop the skating culture in that area.  We want to make it easy to start skating and more importantly to keep skating.  If it weren't for our love of rollerblading, the team of friends that has grown to make Shop Task what it is would not exist.  For that reason we owe alot to skating.

We understand that every customer is looking for a skate to match a vision of skating they have created for themselves.  We are not here to tell you what to do in your skates, that is up to you.  Our mission is to provide you with the right equipment to channel your creative energy. With that being said we do everything because we love it.  We have all grown up on rollerblading and we are here to make sure that it has the same impact it did on us on future generations.

Whats the hardest thing about rollerblading?  Finding a good skate shop, but don't worry we've got you covered.




The How To Be Unpopular Podcast, Media, Art, Rollerblading, and everything weird.


Providing a great selection of high end Inline / Roller / Ball Hockey equipment for all ages to Canada and the world.


Skate Instructors Association teaches and certifies skaters how to teach. We offer programs in-person and online.


Inspiring confidence & empowering skaters on quads and inlines. We offer our classes and camps at a variety of locations.


Inline skating is about sharing it with others. Skate sessions, events, competitions, and lessons.