Green Biscuit Original

$13.00 USD

The Green Biscuit is a new and amazing "off-ice" hockey puck for helping you develop your stick-handling and passing skills on your own, or with friends, family and teammates.

This uniquely designed puck works incredibly well outside on surfaces like asphalt, concrete and driveways. It will also perform and help you improve your dangles on most hard surfaces.


  • The Green Biscuit weighs in at 4.5oz (128g).
  • Slides incredibly well on outdoor surfaces for crisp passing practice
  • Very useful for improving saucer passing skills
  • Great for working on toe drags and other moves
  • Enables all players to learn, improve and stay sharp with their skills with the puck in or around the house without having to rent out rink time
  • If you stick to passing and stick handling, one biscuit will last a very long time.


How does it work?

The Biscuit's design, as described by the creator: "Two pieces of plastic that are held apart by three metal bolts and rubber spacers between the pieces. This nifty little system works as a shock absorber to prevent the Green Biscuit from flipping over. The end result is what we believe is the off-ice hockey puck that best matches the feel of a puck on the ice." 

We agree. The puck slides extremely well and hardly flips over, even on some pretty rough surfaces. A breakthrough in outdoor and off-ice Hockey. Try it yourself, you won't regret it.

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