FR Skates UFR 90 Intuition

$479.00 USD
The UFR 90 with Intuition Liners is the most special model from our UFR line.
Long frames usually mean less FReedom, but by adding a 1mm rocker on the front and back wheels, you’ll have the maneuverability and effortless spins and turns, without loosing any power transfer.
There are no better liners to feel this power and reactivity than the FR Skates x Intuition Liners.

With all these features, the FR UFR 90 Intuition are without a doubt a skating experience you won't forget.
SHELL  Solid plastic UFR Free Ride Shell*
CLOSURE Adjustable metal cuff buckle, FR Logo Ratchet instep strap
LINER INTUITION / FR Heat moldable
FR UFS Freeride Frames 273mm 4x90mm Rockered 1mm
FR Urban Speed Wheels, 90mm/85A
FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride

Heel brake not included.