Labeda Asphalt Wheels

$8.00 USD

Orange / 85A

The Labeda Asphalt is a hard, durable and fast outdoor roller hockey wheel available in 80mm, 76mm, 72mm. At 85A it's the hardest outdoor hockey wheel for inline hockey skates.  Made in the USA and extremely popular around the world, the Asphalt has stood the test of time as a reliable option for inline hockey players. 

Natural / White / 83A

A balanced outdoor option for the lighter player or those looking for more grip, the Labeda Asphalt 83A outdoor wheel allows a player to skate at a high level and perform at their maximum ability, while offering no sacrifice of performance for durability and vice versa.  These Asphalt wheels are made in the US by the family-owned Labeda business, which has a reputation for putting out player-focused premium products for all levels and budgets.



Best used: Outdoor Surfaces - Asphalt, Street, Driveways, Rough Cement

Colour: Orange Urethane with Black Hub or White Urethane with Green Hub

Hardness: 85a + 83a

Profile: Hockey

Wheel Sizes: 80mm, 76mm

Weight: 98g