FR Skates UFR 80

$349.00 USD

The most versatile and accessible model from FRs brand new UFR range.
With a UFS mounting system, and the possibility to transform them from FReeride to Street by adding the UFR soulplates and a set of Street Frames, the UFR 80 will let you shred your long urban skating session and still be able to do your best tricks at the skatepark.


SHELL  Solid plastic Free Ride Shell*
CLOSURE Adjustable safety cuff buckle, FR Ratchet instep strap
LINER Free Ride Liner with Premium Insole
FR UFS Freeride Frames 243mm 4x80 Flat
FR Downtown Black 80mm/85a
FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride

*FR Shell Size Ranges: 34, 35-37, 38-39, 40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-47

Shells are identical for each of the sizes in each range listed, size is adjusted by liner and insole.

Heel brake not included.