For the past few weeks Brian Long and Danny Beer have been working on a little something something to promote Seba's new line of aggressive skates. Being the talented skaters they are, Danny and Brian decided to make a true street edit for the brand filled with creative tricks, awesome spots and on point rap music. Anyone who has ever tried to make a street section of their own knows just how difficult a task this can be especially when the person you are collaborating with lives in a different country!

Lucky for us neither Brian or Danny are scared of travelling by Greyhound. Whether it was Brian travelling to Vancouver or Danny to Seattle this edit was going to get finished and the skating was going to be next level.

What you are about to witness is intelligent street skating. Lines, cess slides, sidewalk grinds and cross legged roll outs are not only present in this edit but also beautifully excited and at times hilarious to watch. Both of these boy are Wizards on their skates and only getting better with time. Be on the lookout for more from these two as they are paving the way for a style of skating that is not only enjoyable to watch but also extremely fun to emulate.

Keep up the good work boys, we'll be ready for the next one!

June 22, 2014 — Brian Long