As most of you already know Tommy Chung gets nice on the aggressive inline's and Danny Beer gets freaky behind the lens. 

In all seriousness this edit absolutely blew my away. Tommy has the unique ability to turn a crazy idea into his own reality. Who else do you know who is doing drop handplanting off roofs with so much finesse you'd swear you were dreaming. Add amazing skating to some of the best lifestyle / lady killer shots and you have yourself an edit that appeals to all the right people. 

Thank you Tommy for always coming through with the inspirational blade moves. I feel sorry for your leg, but lets be honest sometimes 15 foot 360's don't always play nice...

This edit is definitely going to make everybody waiting for spring just alittle more antzy, but not to worry our time will come.  In the meantime enjoy all the hard work Tommy has been putting in lately.

-Erik Burrow

March 17, 2014 — Brian Long