Here's alittle trip we took to Buffalo last Friday featuring skating by Taylor Ritchie, Sushi and Erik Burrow and edited by Immony Men at Xtreme Wheelz Skatepark. This park is every rollerbladers dream, seriously when was the last time you went to a park that had a launch box and a 20 FT shotgun ledge. To top it off Xtreme Wheelz has an amazing family friendly vibe, its one of the few parks I've been to where you are greeted with a smile from the staff at the door. This place is definitely blade friendly when kids on scooters skateboards BMX and rollerblades can all get along you know you've created something special. Winter won't last forever my friends, but if you are getting antsy I highly recommend taking the trip out to Buffalo. You won't be disappointed. Rap music and rollerblading WE OUT HERE.

February 01, 2014 — Brian Long