Wizard NR100 Frames

$400.00 USD
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The Wizard frame is designed to provide the most versatile experience of inline skating. Using our Natural Rocker (NR) geometry, the Wizard frame provides a long wheel base with a short turning radius. Making the skate feel stable and maneuverable unlike any other product on the market.

The NR100 is our most popular and most versatile model.

This size is recommended for skaters who are looking for the one set up that can do it all. Get around town, cover long distance, experiment with technical skate moves on flat ground, jump around the skatepark, or whatever else comes to mind.

Natural Rocker Geometry
4x100mm Max wheel size
101mm effective contact
303mm frame base
UFS Mounting
Made in USA

The Natural Rocker frame is available in 3 different sizes to best fit your foot length and skating style:

NR90 - Foot 23-25.9cm | Maneuverability > Speed
NR100 - Foot 26-28.9cm | Maneuverability = Speed
NR110 - Foot 29-31.9cm | Maneuverability < Speed

Complete frames options:
Undercover Mushroomblading V3 100mm/85a wheels
and Abec 9 bearings