Seba Trix 2 90 / brake optional

$359.00 USD

The Trix 2 90 is our most popular soft boot for fitness skating. Despite a low profile appearance the Trix boot has an incredibly solid and supportive fit. The Wishbone plastic supports on the exterior of the skate provide good lateral support with an excellent range in forward flex for long, powerful strides. Recommended for experienced skater looking for comfort and performance. Best for pathway or city skating, distance and speed


SHELL  Solid plastic Free Ride Shell*
CLOSURE Velcro straps on the toe and shin, Ratchet instep strap
LINER Seba Integrated Trix Liner
FRAME Seba GT Frame extruded aluminum frame, 2mm length, 84mm max wheel size,  laterally adjustable (mount spacing 165mm)
WHEELS 84mm / 85A wheels Street King Wheels