Remz Soulframes

$49.00 USD

Remz one-piece soul splates take place of the old 3-piece Remedyz soul plates.  These are slightly larger than the old ones giving you a larger soul and negative grind space. The front of the soul plate wraps around the toe a bit better to protect your boots as well.  Being one-piece, the new soulplate also helps reduce the boot from flexing or twisting to give better stability for you and your frames. Will not work for True Balance frames on newer Remz skates. 

  • Compatible with  ALL UFS Remz Models (2003 on up)
    • NOT compatible with True Balance Frames (ex: HR 1.2 or HR 1.3)
  • Prevents Boot Flex to Add Stability for You and Your Frames
  • Replacement for Remz 1-Piece Soul Plates -OR- the old 2-piece Plates
  • Price is for a pair (2) of plates (one left & one right)
  • Comes with Mounting Hardware (frame bolts not included)
  • Sizing:  Soulplate Size / Boot Size
    • Size 1 / 6-7
    • Size 2 / 8-9
    • Size 3 / 10-11
    • Size 4 / 12-13