Seba Trix 80 Black

$599.00 USD

Seba Trix skates feature a closely fitted carbon fiber shell with an integrated liner and a unique triangle wishbone cuff. This combination of a very rigid lower boot with a more flexible upper makes the Trix an extremely versatile skate, providing good support, a close fit and solid energy transfer while at the same time allowing forward flex in the ankle. Seba's integrated liners use a combination of soft nylon knit fabric and patterned memory foam to make the skate comfortable new, and nicely fitted once broken in.

Seba Trix come with a rockered frame for increased maneuverability. Recommended for intermediate to advanced skaters seeking a high level of precision and control for city skating or slalom skating.

For more information on rockered frames and the different styles of skating, reference our 'The Right Skate for You' page.


    SHELL  Carbon Fiber Shell, Triangle Cuff
    CLOSURE Ratchet Top and Midstrap, Velcro Toe Strap, 9-Eyelet Lacing System
    LINER Integrated Liner
    FRAME Seba Deluxe V2 Frames, Sizes 34-39 use 231mm (4x76mm wheels) Sizes 40-47 use 243mm (4x80mm wheels)
    WHEELS 80mm / 85A Seba Black Wheels
    BEARINGS  Twincam ILQ 9 Bearings