Seba Marathon 325

$599.00 USD
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Thanks to the low cut & 195mm mounting design, this Marathon skate will speed you up! Seba's premium speed and marathon style skate, the Seba Marathon has a significantly more padded liner than almost all other speed skates making them a much more comfortable boot without sacrificing the speed or the responsiveness of the skate.


SHELL  Open Carbon Shell, Soft Boot with Wishbone Cuff
CLOSURE Velcro Top & Toe Strap, Ratchet Instep Strap
LINER Seba Marathon Integrated Liner
FRAME Seba 3D 325, 260mm length, 125mm max wheel size, 165mm and 195mm mount compatible
WHEELS Seba Speed Wheels 125mm/ 85a Wheels
BEARINGS  Twincam ILQ-9 Pro